Content marketing services and options explained


When it comes to digital marketing there is so much advice out there as to what is best to promote your brand, be that on your website or in person events, quality content creation will help you achieve your brand objectives and business goals sooner, plus help you to stand out amongst your competitors and industry peers.


From building authority and brand association, to aiding lead generation, a successful content marketing plan continually plots, implements and measures results of your target audience’s engagement, reaction and conversion from being exposed to each piece of content you publish.


The what and the why…


Blog posts


Other than social media, the obvious choice for content is the blog.

We love blogs at Brandfunk, you are reading our blog right now!

Do you want to know a secret?...

Often clients are told ‘just blog’, be consistent and write about you.




Sorry to burst your bubble but even this blog has been strategically published in line with an SEO content schedule and editorial calender.

We aren’t just telling what we do at Brandfunk headquarters, we are creating great content to meet our audiences needs, queries and areas of interest.

We also answer questions and help brands find solutions, for free, in line with our brand mission.






Shareability, convenience, informing and visually pleasing, infographics can say what you want to say without wasting time, being boring or getting lost in text.

We are visual creatures who LOVE to share the knowledge, particularly across social media channels.

Graphics, to the point text, and on brand elements that can be digital or for print, a smart content marketing plan will include an infographic library.


Images and photography


Stock photography is great, especially when it is free, or you are in the early stages of your content marketing efforts AKA on a tight budget!

However, at some point we truly believe beautiful imagery, story telling images, are the only way to truly convey to your target market the face behind the brand.

We are talking about you.

Everyone has a story, is it time to express yours through brand photography?

From your about page, to your social media profile pictures, visual storytelling speaks where words are not needed.



“I have always been fascinated by the nature of visual translation and explicating an idea into a
striking form truly excites me. I believe, to be creative, you need to be able to speak an empathetic language.
Ultimately, the best ideas come from identifying the message and vision, then trusting my instinct to capture them honestly.” – Agenda Brown


Video content



Engaging, energetic, emotive.

The power of video can capture an experience forever.

Personality, tone, body language and energy, video content gives a high level of emotion and reflection to the viewer and is an incredibly effective way to invite your potential and existing customers into your world, your business and your brand values.


The where…



Blog posts, videos, imagery and infographics can all be uploaded onto your website for a multi-dimensional showcasing of different types of content.

Foundation, evergreen content should always be utilised on your web pages.

Then comes the 'transitional content' process, bringing us to your…


Social media

For example, a 1500 word average blog post can provide 2/3 social media posts per day for a week (feel free to slow it down and pace them out).

So, one blog a week can then create 15 social media posts, images or videos (as one typical example) OR… one YouTube video per week if video content is created plus shared on other social handles.

The key with social media activity, is to be clear what your key objectives are when your audience consume your social content.

Want them to help drive organic traffic and positioning? Then navigate them back to an original article or specific web page.

Want them to engage with you personally to gage key buyer personas and note your ICA’s common concerns and pain points (of which you can solve) then include contextual questions and gather the data.


Physical marketing collateral


We at Brandfunk cannot stress enough the power of in person events and community involvement.

People buy people, and there is nothing more memorable than an introduction, a funny conversation or an experiential event.

Providing brand collateral that contacts can physically view, hold or interact with emphasises a memorable brand.


Having a piece of marketing material 'to take home' takes your brand further than you could ever imagine, the ripple effect, wherever your brand collateral goes people can see it, read it, think about it and most importantly remember it!


In conclusion, implementing and promoting your content strategy needn’t be a headache, with the right objectives, plan and implementation you will save time, energy and money in the long run because you will measure and analyse the results and tweak accordingly.

No content strategy is stagnant or fit for all businesses, be sure to choose a team who project manage in a way that reviews and titrates frequently, meaning eliminate what’s not working and push what is.

If you are at the stage you are ready to hire out your content strategy project, be sure you are kept in the loop from the research phase and your expectations and budget is confirmed before your content calendar goes live.

Feel free to implement the tips above or get in touch to see what we would suggest surrounding sharing your content and how to create a content marketing strategy in a way that impacts your people rather than just make noise.


Here’s to your future content marketing efforts,


The Brandfunk Team

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