Instead of just throwing up a website read this first…


Picture this.


You have a business model.


A predictably viable product or offer and you are feeling excited to set it free.


You are feeling on top of the world and are bombarded with all the choices before you such as colour palette, fancy fonts and maybe a blog.


You may have even read all the latest business books and blueprints.



All you need is a website and a social media channel or two and happy days.

Except as time goes on, your website may feel a bit stagnant, sitting out there on the world wide web and not really bringing in any sales.

Some conversions possibly, but is your brand really working for you?

And what about your social media channels, you know they are supposed to stay active but growth is slow and they really are quite time and energy consuming for very little return if you don’t ‘pay to play’ or outsource to a social media manager.


OK stop there.


Let us rewind and really think about brand building fundamentals…




You started for a reason.

Many will throw around your why, but this can often bring up your own personal wants and desires surrounding running your business.

Often wealth and family will be the obvious drivers but respectively putting you aside, what is the long-term vision for your brand?

Your brand is so much bigger than you which leads us onto…






Take a moment to envision a few potential scenarios.

Really think about the impact your long-term vision will have not just on your lifestyle, but the people and the planet.

After all, ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’.

Ditch short sightedness for long term mindset, every business starts with humans, ideas and a solid vision.

Be crystal clear on the power of building a sustainable brand from the foundations up.





Your people are everything, they determine the success, pace and longevity of your brand.

Hence why we stress again, this ain’t about you, it’s about them.

Of course, as an agency we care about you too, but from a client or customer perspective put your own feelings aside and analyse your ICA’s wants, needs and consumer habits.




Stressing again the last point, what are your people looking for?

What solutions do they seek, solutions that you can provide conveniently, effectively and realistically?

Guide your users into what the already seek.




No business should just wing it, yes you can get lucky but at some point, strategical mapping must come into play.

Not only for your own sanity but for predicted business growth, phases and expected profits.

No profits, no matter your commitment to the mission, means you will sink fast.

Your strategy helps you stay afloat, particularly during the inevitable challenging periods all businesses face from time to time, for various reasons.

Strategy helps you go the distance with rock solid belief and not too much emotion.




Get clear using the above brief points to get thinking about how your brand can excel in your industry.

Put people over profits.

Marry the mission to a strategy.

Build slowly and steadily.

Just don’t throw up your favourite colour, font and make it all about you.

Your brand is after all, not what you say it is…

It’s what your customers and clients say it is.


Step into your BRAND POWER




Need help stripping back the BS and rebuilding from the ground up?

We got you.

Your vision becomes our vision when you work with us.


Here’s to better brands,


The Brandfunk Team.

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