You’re Not Ready Yet

Business is tough right?

Right product.

Right audience.

Right time.

Right place.

All these moving pieces that need to come together at the right point. It’s like being a conductor in an orchestra that you’ve been hurled into the middle of.


Get it right and you’ll be remembered for being the conjurer of beautiful masterpieces. Get it wrong however and you’ll be remembered for all of the wrong reasons. Nobody wants to be associated with the equivalent of wailing cats now do they?


Which is why it’s so important to know your brand inside out.


Continuing with this theme as there are so many similarities - after all - art, creativity and expression follow the same rules whichever guise they take…


Who Is On Stage?

What style of production are you going for? You may not be an orchestra but you’re definitely a conductor of audiences - you need to know who wants to pay attention to you way before you start showing up.


The Sequence Of Events

You need to know your plan and where you’re going with it all so that the synergy of the show can really work its magic. When you truly understand what you’re doing, you know there’s an order of things that need to happen and you can’t run before you can walk with any of it. Nobody wants the cymbals in the middle of a gentle flute solo!


Who’s Doing What?

You need to know who does what in the band. How your team members work together and play to their strengths, is the difference between a symphony or a shambles being the end result. Asking people to make do in roles that aren’t their strengths, is the equivalent of throwing the drummer onto the piano. Yes they can produce some noise but it won’t be pleasant or enjoyable for anyone.


It may seem like we’ve gone off course here as music definitely isn’t our forte, but to us, we see straight through the brand mistakes.


What we see so often is a ‘collection of attempts’ thrown
together to try and fashion a brand.


But when the moving parts are in the wrong order, or the wrong place altogether - it’s as obvious to us as every person in the orchestra playing at exactly the same time. It’s just a painful noise!


That’s why we turn so many prospective clients away though. We’re not for all types and that’s because for us to get ‘you’ into the world, we need to truly understand you.


And we’ll definitely hold you to ransom over that.


We mentioned in our blog What The Funk Is Branding that a brand is a gut feeling you evoke in another. We’re all advanced creatures, and we’re highly tuned to know when something is right or off for us.


So it goes without saying that one of the biggest pieces in the orchestra of your branding is that YOU are the central piece. The people, the hearts, the love, the values, the passion, the community, the history, the stories - we’ll be here a while!


For you to come to us and ask us to put all of that into something the world sees beautifully, we need to capture the essence of all of that first.


But that’s the part we love.


You’ll come to us with a vague idea of what you want, but our love of what we do means we’ll know that there’s so much more to your needs that you’ll not have factored in.


Depths that may not have been considered yet that we know will be a core piece of your story.


We get really into you.


We’re your new wing man, sidekick and ally.


We’re your new filter system through which you’ll understand yourself through - the lens that you’ll show yourself to the world with.


You can’t put all that into a logo or a hashed together aesthetic.


You need the entire symphony of you creating, so you need access to your own orchestra.


Not pieces of it.

Not someone else's.

Your own.


Brandfunk is your own creative orchestra.


And you absolutely have to be ready for that.


       You have to know who you are behind the business so that you know who your kind of people are that you want to connect with.


       You have to have ironed out your kinks so that you’re comfortable being very visible as a business or personal brand.


       You have to know your goals and plans so that you know what needs to happen to get there.


       You need to be ready for the implementation - there’s no point running an ad campaign for instance if your team is already at capacity.


       You have to have a good budget for it!


The latter could be an article all on it’s own. Building a brand is not an overnight process and the more you can let the ideas breathe instead of rushing it all, the more aligned your brand will be with who you really are.


So if you come to us and ask “Can You Just Design A Quick Logo?” we’ll politely decline.


A logo is the equivalent of naming your child. You absolutely have to get to know the beating heart behind it. Who’s going to love it and want to be part of their journey? We don’t do just logo’s - we’re part of your pregnancy.


If you come to us asking for some help with a new campaign, brand strategy or content creation, you’re going to get the same inquisition. We’re going to use our years of experience to ask all of the background information on your business and market positioning.


And if you ask us to completely rebrand your business?


We’re going to be virtual pillow buddies with how close we’ll be working together on it.


Brandfunk takes our clients to an entirely new level. We’re always here, ready to put you into a fantastic new version of you.


So before you come to us for your creative magic, your rebrand or your next promo steps, you’ll need to ask yourself…


Are you ready?


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