5 basic yet vital onsite points to grasp in just 2 mins!


Often when an agency is hired to provide SEO services the assumption that ‘getting to the first page of Google’ is a case of waving our sparkly SEO wand and TADA! Job done!

Sadly, that is not the case, and as much as best SEO practices WILL grow your visibility and traffic to get you in front of the RIGHT people (provided you have got your user intent  and keyword research right) it can be a complex beast so here are 5 KEY POINTS to note before you jump into your SEO strategy as we hit 2020!

These are derived from common points to note when it comes to our clients over the past year.

Love or hate SEO, or just find it baffling?

Let's keep things simple! 


Site speed

Slow websites decrease rankings.

Review your load times and put yourself in the seat of the user, good responsive experience or frustratingly slow and confusing navigation?


Internal links

A concise website is paramount, no dead ends.

AKA no page must lead to nowhere!


Rich media

Good quality images and videos (sahhh hot right now!)


SSL certificate

You would be surprised how many businesses we stumble across who have no or an expired SSL cert!

Site not secure? It’s a no from us!


Title tags

You should incorporate your desired keyword or keyword phrase here.

Relevant, indexed title tag, think of it like a school revision folder, no tabs you haven't a clue what you should be studying when! 


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