Fear and Courage

How not to let that first thing funk your business up.

Here’s a little story for you, maybe you can relate? Its something I'm seeing time and time again as clients come my way to be helped.

Let me set the scene.

You’re a new business owner or about to launch.

You check the competition.

See who’s doing really well.

Copy their blueprint, their branding identity, but tweak, to be “unique”.

You read that somewhere right?

Authentic you, nailed it  Tick

You grab a logo, pre-made bundles are cheap right, Ill do that, Right? Tick

Maybe you’ll just do it yourself, Canva is your BFF  Tick

Now for colours, you read somewhere you pick these according to the seasons. You’re Spring. Nailed it.  Tick

Your USP is so so unique its insane. You’ve worked on some genius products and packages to offer your clients. Genius!

Your love, heart and soul has gone into this,  Your passion, vision and goals are on point.

Your personal story behind your brand makes you stronger, your clients will resonate with you, you’re honest.  Blood, sweat and tears have been put into this new idea and you are so proud and excited to launch and unveil to the world the fruit of all your efforts.  The efforts that will launch a successful business.

You followed the “blueprint”  Tick

Its showtime!

Then you launch . . . . .

You feel like you are on stage in a theatre but there is no audience watching you.

I’m not seeing any uniqueness here.
Where are you?
Where’s your story?

I can’t see you, in the sea of your competitors.

Where’s your USP?

What happened?

You see, you wanted to be unique, stand out, but FEAR got in the way.

Question: Who made the blueprint?  Who made the rules? 


Let me let you into a little secret, there are no rules, and please question who wrote the blueprint.


Your brand deserves courage and creativity.

Branding is not a logo and a few pretty pics and colours selected on Canva and Pinterest.

Learning about the meaning and the importance of branding and design will help surge your business to the forefront of your market.

Question the rules!

Tear up the blueprint!

Take an adventure into wonderland!

Robots that generate online design solutions, they are not creative!




They don’t know you, your business, your quirks. Your USP, your uniqueness.

So why let them loose on the most important part of your business?  “Its face”, the FIRST thing your clients come into contact with. The FIRST thing they see!

Risk, much          

In fact, I’ll go all out and say . .. . Stupidity, much!

FEAR: are you scared if you don’t follow the industry mould you keep seeing around you, your business will FAIL?

Do you fear that showing your creativity, uniqueness and ensuring your potential client’s journey with you is an exceptional delightful experience from beginning to end, will not win you SALES?

Do you feel safer riding on the waves on someone else’s blueprint?  Kinda like a generic safety blanker wrapped around you?

Lets be honest, its not even a blueprint, who made these rules?

When duplicating someone else’s brand or choosing a template you are taking on their “tone” of voice, their personality almost.

You ok with that right?

The visuals you are using could be portraying your brand in the polar opposite of who you actually are and what you stand for.

But you’re ok with that right?


Here's a thing:

You could be turning away your ideal client, because they don’t want to work with you based on your “tone” and your “voice” and your visual identity. (that you safely chose via a generic templated option)


Are you getting my point . ..






As always said with massive love.  Need help unravelling this stuff?  Connect with Brandfunk here for a brand biologist session.   This Transformational Brand Strategy will help you get a clear understanding of where your business is going, then find out how to harness the positives and move forward with purpose. We’ll work with you to really analyse your brand values, then we’ll spend time reviewing your brand positioning, competitors and marketplace, to give you practical steps on how to transform your brand and make it work harder for you.   What’s not to love?


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